Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prometheus and the Proto-xenomorph

There are many beautiful things in Prometheus but the protoxenomorph left me unsatisfied:

.So, I painted my own version
I dedicate this post to Ray Bradbury who taught me that we ARE the martians.


Christine said...


Vaughan Ling said...


Alexander said...

jurll..... like it (º-º) martians forever.....XD amazing creature.

Jonathan Teng said...
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Jonathan Teng said...

I've heard your lectures using the xenomorph design as a metaphore for rape countless times, and I still feel my design lightbulb turn on. Thanks for showing me how it's done. (now I just gotta start doing it. lol)

p.s. I know he doesn't have a copyright on the 'alien penis' concept, but the spinal structures remind me of Paul Richards' constant sketching of them. HAHA

Aman Chaudhary said...

I like yours better. Gorgeous! :D

2000yearsoldman's blog said...

Nice one, it seem like can compete withe original.

Mr Colin said...


Mark said...

I couldnt understand why the one in the movie didn't have the back tendrils. I get that it was the proto version, but i figured that was standard for its species. Whatever. Love your design.

Richard Cu Doble said...


Indy said...

I agree - the proto-xenomorph looks like a mean version of Dino from the Flintstones... I really like your rendition

dentist Tampa said...

This is new series I think.

Julian Allen said...

You are one incredible dude!!! Awesome!!!

robert brown said...

very cool carlo.

Anonymous said...

Great creature design!! I totally dig dedicated the painting to Ray Bradbury- I loved "The Martian Chronicles" as a child.

Christopher Phoenix

Unknown said...

So is that what it would be when it is grown up?

Kwestone said...

You just can't leave it alone... gotta out do their Viz Dev peoples.

Vinod Rams said...


Locusta said...

Awesome concept and aeons better than what they offered us in the film. Great work mate!

Anonymous said...

i prefer the one in the movie, it looked underdeveloped, possibly malformed. brilliant drawing though, your amazing.

John Powers said...

This is excellent. I had the same reaction to Prometheus, so many great things about it, but it fell short.

Kyle Brown said...

Love it! Feels more Alien than the actual final proto did!

Steve Chon said...

damn....too good! big fan.

Micah Kaneshiro said...

Beautiful work Carlo! I definitely prefer your design.

Айдос Рысалиев said...

Yours is really better!

Dominic Piché said...

Your design is way cooler my friend! Very nice execution!

Dan Gould said...

Looks amazing. saw your work on the prometheus movie website. Easily the best adult deacon design I've seen

maria said...

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