Thursday, September 13, 2007

head demo

Work has had me horribly busy, sorry for the long absence. Here's a short tutorial on the basics of how I paint the face of the lovely Jeanet. I generally draw with a pencil and scan it in. I mess with the brightness and contrast till the drawing is fairly clean and then in Photoshop I turn the drawing into a multiply layer. Underneath the multiply layer I create another layer to paint on. I usually use a flat brush so I can chisel out the planes of the face. My brush is set so that opacity is set to pen pressure.

Note how features are a little stylized and become design elements, you should check out the work of Gil Elvgren and J.C. Leyendecker who are masters at this.

now on a concept this is pretty much done but if this were an illustration I would render this more, using this as an under painting and obliterating most of the lines.

Cheers and much thanks to Jeanet and the impatient Saskia.

Next time, costume design or turning Jeanet into a spacegirl!


Jon said...

Hah that's awesome man. I followed your link from Jeanet's page, and that's a pretty fine tutorial so far. Looking forward to seeing the hair make sense, I think your choice of spacegirl theme will be a great one. Keep it up :)

Saskia said... i doesn´t look for a few days and you finally upload something XDD Hellz yeah, and better than that, a tutorial :D
Thank you so much, i always love to see the progress behind amazing artwork like yours :DDD

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Khanh said...

I love this type of step by step demonstration. MORE MORE MORE!!!

Oskar Johansen said...

Fantastic human face portrets. I could just wish to be able to to this my self. I´ll try your fabulous tutorial though.

Giuseppe severino said...

thanks for this step by step ;)