Friday, September 14, 2007

Despite the scary mechanical claw I wanted a feeling of sexy playfulness so I created something that has the shape of a girl wearing over sized pajamas. So starting with a rough pose I draw the overall shape of the suit, this was done on a cintiq in photoshop CS. I'm using oversized space boots and an umbilical line that harkens to a jet refueling pump to give it that aerospace flair. I'm creating areas of quiet such as the sleeves in order to empasize the details in the mechanical parts. After the rough shape is done I printed the image in reverse and drew on the reverse side of the paper in pencil unlike the head which was all pencil.

P.S. Dont worry I will draw the claw in the far hand.


Saskia said...

argh, so sexy again >.<
Thank youz for the descriptions for this drawing. You have a wonderful sense for design, i think scince-fi is the hardest thing to draw D: *envys you*
...and i though you had drawn this by pencil XDDD Shame on em XD

dan szilagyi said...

wow, your stuff is so good, thanks for showing how you do a painting as well, i'm just trying to learn how and its quite helpful so far.

love your designs overall, i'll be checking in so keep em up!

EraserFoot said...

Some of your newer work has a cartoony feel to it. Carlo and cartoony co existing in reese peanut butter cup kinda way. Keep posting process stuff.

Antimatty said...

everything here is mind-blowingly awesome!

jason said...

Nice to see the progression of the drawing and your technique.

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珊珊李 said...